The Farces Are Cast

Krista Neumann and Elizabeth Tracey, directors of The Real Inspector Hound and Black Comedy, respectively, have announced the casts for both shows.

The Real Inspector Hound cast:

Moon:   Hank Welter
Birdboot:   Josh Sazon
Simon:   Ellis Fontana
Felicity:  Catherine Shook
Inspector Hound:   Rip Russell
Magnus:   Joseph Dobrian
Mrs. Drudge:  Kristin Owens
Cynthia:  TBA

The Black Comedy cast:

Brindsley Miller:   Elijah Jones
Carol Melkett:   Oli Peters
Miss Furnival:  Robyn Calhoun
Colonel Melkett:   Derek Johnson
Harold Gorringe:  Bryant Duffy
Clea:  Katy Karas
Schuppanzigh: TBA
Georg Bamburger: TBA

Please note that there are a few roles yet to be cast: Cynthia in Hound, and Schuppanzigh and Bamburger in Black Comedy.  If you’re an actor (or would like to be), please check the character breakdowns here, and submit an Audition Form to let our directors know that you’re interested.  If you’re not an actor (or not the right type for these roles), but you know someone who is, please spread the word.

Congratulations to the casts, and warm thanks to all who came out to audition.