Into The Woods Preview: Tipsy Storytime

We are hosting a free event to get you in the mood for Into The Woods.
On Saturday, April 11 from 4:00-6:00 pm, join us at The Luxe Zone for Tipsy Storytime: Cocktails and Fairy Tales.
Members of the cast of Into The Woods will share skewed, off-color versions of stories and songs you may remember from childhood in a fun, cocktail-party environment.  We’ll serve beer, wine, soda, snacks and lots of laughs.

Huge bonus: Everyone at Tipsy Storytime will be able to purchase tickets to Into The Woods for $5 off all tickets (except Premium seats)!

Please note: Tipsy Storytime is rated R – this is an adult event!  Don’t bring your kids (unless they’re mature teens and they’ll drive you home afterward.)

For more details, or to tell us you’re coming, check out the event on Facebook.