We Need Your Help!

We are looking for some helping hands this Saturday.

There are 2 volunteer options:

1) Costume loft: Part of the costume loft is being converted into office space. We need to move some of the costumes into a different part of the costume loft. Construction begins on Monday, 1/25, so we have a have a fast-approaching deadline. We determined that Saturday, 1/23 would be a good day to do the work. With enough helpers, the lifting requirement shouldn’t be too bad.

We’re looking for volunteers 14 and older. We’ve listed 9 am – noon, but we’ll quit early if we’re finished.

Please contact Mary Jo Harken (maryjo.harken@gmail.com) with questions.

The costume loft is on the 2nd floor of the CCPA. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Take a right off of the elevator. Go through the double doors. The costume loft is the door that will be straight in front of you.

2) Shop: Liz needs help getting the shop organized. She’ll need volunteers 16 and older. We listed 9 am – noon again, but we’ll quit early if we’re finished.

Please contact Liz Tracey (liztracey2015@gmail.com) with questions.

The shop is also referred to as the Bus Barn. It’s in the yellow building near the Coralville Recycling Center. It’s on 7th Street down the hill from the Canterbury Inn.

Sign up here.

Thanks so much!