Urinetown is Cast!

The casting team for Urinetown was overwhelmed by the turnout and talent the past two nights. We wish we could leave no one with disappointment and cast you all in your desired roles. Inevitably, of course, tough decisions must be made and we believe the end result is one that utilizes and maximizes everyone’s talents for what is a fairly small cast. IT WILL BE A PRIVILEGE TO WORK WITH YOU ALL…oh, and to pee!


Jesse Jensen, Director


Bobby Strong Ben Alley
Hope Cladwell Raquel Loya
Caldwell B. Cladwell Larry Newman
Cladwell’s Secretary Mary Fessler
Penelope Pennywise Carrie Houchins-Witt*
Officer Lockstock Per Wiger
Little Sally Becca Anderson
Officer Barrel Joel Collins
Little Becky Two-shoes, Cop Sydney Hayes**
Hot Blades Harry, Cop Mike Nelson
Josephine “Old Ma” Strong Lori Beatty Fye
Joseph “Old Man” Strong Stephen Krutzfeldt
Senator Fipp Robert Kemp
Mr. McQueen Sam White
Soupy Sue Noel VanDenBosch
Tiny Tom Kyle Lefeber
Stockfish, Cop Wesley Tener
Billy Boy Bill Betsy Litman
Dr. Billeaux, Cop Valerie Mozena
Mrs. Millenium, Cop Olivia Symmonds
Cop, Poor, UGC Alicia Weidner
Poor, UGC Serena Collins
Poor, UGC Dawn Slezak
Poor, UGC Elizabeth Ross
Poor, UGC Danielle Paulsen