The Cast of In The Heights

INTHEHEIGHTS_TitleWe were thrilled to see such a huge number of enormously talented teens at auditions for In The Heights!
Sincere thanks to everyone who auditioned.   If you were cast, we are looking forward to working with you starting April 30.
Please pick up your script from Liz Tracey as soon as possible.
If you haven’t heard from Liz, we may have an error in your email address. 
If that’s the case, please email Liz immediately at to arrange a pick-up time.
If you weren’t cast in this show, don’t be discouraged.  Keep working on your skills and keep auditioning!

The cast is as follows:

USNAVI – Sean Harken
NINA – Katey Halverson
KEVIN – Fred Ogilvie
CAMILA – Genevieve Wisdom
BENNY – Kyle Irish-Gorman
VANESSA – Kate Vander Leest
SONNY – Anna Petersen
DANIELA – Chandler Hamm
CARLA – Emma Furlong
GRAFFITI PETE – Tobey Epstein
PIRAGUA GUY – Nysio Poulakis
Bella Epstein
Claire Green
Liann Heisterkamp
Shoshie Hemley
Emily Hill
Mikayla Johnston
Thomazin Jury
Jordan Lehigh
Josh Millsap
Payton Proud*
Lauren Rude
Anastasia Scholze
Jessie Shaw*
Anna Szot*
Katherine Yacopucci

*denotes principal dancers

In The Heights will run June 17-19 at the Coralville Center for The Performing Arts.  Tickets are on sale now at the Box Office  (319) 248-9370, or online.