Peter and the Starcatcher Auditions to be held May 12 and 13

Directed by Patrick DuLaney


Friday, September 22 at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, September 23 at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, September 24 at 2:00 p.m.

Coralville Center for the Performing Arts

Friday, May 12, 6pm – 9pm
Saturday, May 13, 2pm – 5pm

Sunday, May 14, 6pm – 9pm

Auditions and Callbacks will be held at the Community of Christ Church, 2121 S. Ridge Dr. in Coralville.


Please prepare one 1-2 minute comic monologue. British dialect (Cockney or RP) is preferable, but not required. Come dressed to move.

Note: This is an ensemble-based, very physical show, where all cast members serve as storytellers as well as various pirates, mermaids, seamen, orphans, Mollusk natives, and occasionally set pieces. We will be casting actors that work best in ensemble, and are open to casting actors regardless of gender, race, age or, where appropriate to the text, physical disability. Rehearsals begin July 31.

PETER – Male-identified, teens-early 20’s. The boy who would be Peter Pan. Smart, tough, vain, but also sensitive, insecure and mistrustful. Puts on a brave face to hide his fear of loss.

PRENTIS – Male-identified. teens-early 20’s. A would-be leader. Smart, with a chip on his shoulder.

TED – Male-identified, teens-early 20’s. Sweet, not too bright, obsessed with food, with the slight touch of a poet.

MOLLY ASTER – Female-identified, teens, early 20’s. Our Hero(ine). Smart, logical, a leader in a time when women were not allowed to be, on the verge of no longer being a girl. Prone to romantic notions.

LORD JOHN ASTOR – Open gender, 30’s-40’s. Molly’s Father. The very model of a British Subject. Stiff upper lip and all that. A good, patient, devoted parent.

MRS. BUMBRAKE – Open gender, 40’s-50’s. Molly’s Nanny. A proper British lady, but with a murky past. Fun, occasionally randy.

CAPTAIN SCOTT – Open Gender, Open Age. The iconic leader the British expedition to Antartica. Painfully British.

GREMPKIN – Open Gender, 50’s-60’s. The nasty and awful schoolmaster and head of the orphanage where Peter and his friends are kept. Thenardier from Les Miz, only meaner.

BILL SLANK – Open Gender, 30’-50’s. The Captain of the ship Neverland. A greedy, nasty, awful man. As pirate as you can get.

ALF – Open Gender, 40’s-50’s. An old salty pirate. Puts on a nasty front, but a heart of gold.

THE BLACK STACHE – Open Gender, Open Age. Forerunner of Captain Hook. Vain, EEEvil, dastardly, underhanded, and kind of a twit. Also a bit of a dandy.

SMEE – Open Gender, Open Age. Stache’s right-hand man. Single-minded, sycophantic, lives to avoid being beaten.

FIGHTING PRAWN – Open Gender, Open Age, suspicious dialect. King of the Mollusks on the Island. Once a sous-chef slave in England, now a not-so-savage ruler of the Prawn Kingdom.


Fill out an Audition Form to secure an audition appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome, but those with appointments will take priority. Once you fill out an Audition Form, our producer, Liz Tracey will contact you with your appointment time. If you submit a form, and don’t hear back from us within a couple of days, please email


Tony-winning Peter and the Starcatcher upends the century-old story of how a miserable orphan comes to be The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (a.k.a. Peter Pan). A wildly theatrical adaptation of Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson’s best-selling novels, the play was conceived for the stage by directors, Roger Rees and Alex Timbers, and written by Rick Elice, with music by Wayne Barker. From marauding pirates and jungle tyrants to unwilling comrades and unlikely heroes, Peter and the Starcatcher playfully explores the depths of greed and despair… and the bonds of friendship, duty and love.