Meet City Circle Newcomer Ashley Lapointe

Ashley portrays the mightily impressive Viigand, a Russian chess playing machine, in this Soviet vs. American drama. Credit to ©alaynnaannschwartz of Playlife Photography and

Minsu Song: University of Iowa– Ashley Lapointe first began performing during his freshman year in high school and has not stopped since. Since his debut as an extra in To Kill a Mockingbird, Ashley has gone on to perform in shows such as Mooring, Trocadero Rose, and The Polaris Dilemma at the University of Iowa. He was also a part of Iowa Summer Rep’s The Importance of Being Earnest last summer. Ashley’s favorite part about community theatre is the fact that everyone who participates is there because they want to be. The passion that everyone brings is something he truly admires and loves to see.

Fast Facts on Ashley:

  • His dream role is Elder Price in The Book of Mormon. In fact, Mormon is what inspired Ashley to pursue theatre professionally.
  • He plays piano, sings, dances, reads, and pets as many dogs as he can in his free time.
  • Throughout high school, he participated in drumline—he spent his first year playing snare and his final three playing tenor.