Meet City Circle Newcomer Amanda Hauta

Minsu Song: University of Iowa – Amanda Hauta’s love for theatre stems from her childhood. Her parents very much cultivated her passion for theatre by helping to create puppet shows for Amanda and the other neighborhood children. In college, she went on to study opera. One of her favorite productions she has been on stage in is Suor Angelica. Last winter, Amanda was asked to play accordion in the pit orchestra for Fiddler on the Roof here at City Circle, and now she is back to join us in Chess in Concert!

Fast Facts on Amanda:

  • She and her husband Nolan have a six-month-old son, Hugo. Together, they like to camp, play music, sing, take walks (in nicer weather!), read, practice yoga, watch TV, and eat unhealthy foods.
  • Her dream role is the eponymous character in the Puccini opera Tosca because of her passion and the fact that she is a participant in her own story: “She makes choices. She acts and is not merely acted upon.”
  • She has trained her cats to sit, shake, play dead, roll over, and go through weave poles. Video is available on request for anyone who doubts.