Those auditioning will be asked to fill out an information sheet, providing basic contact information and detailing upcoming conflicts during the rehearsal and performance schedule. See each show’s description for detailed information regarding specific material that may be requested to be performed. Each audition date has an individual Facebook event created for it– RSVPing to these events is not required. Call backs are not listed. Call back information will be provided at the auditions. If you have any questions regarding any of our auditions, please do not hestitate to contact us at (319) 541-2980 or at

Auditions for Sweeney Todd

Auditions for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street will take place on
Saturday, December 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and
Sunday, December 13 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
If callbacks are necessary, they will be on Monday, December 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Auditions will be at the Community of Christ Church, 2121 S. Ridge Dr., Coralville.

Rehearsals will begin on Monday, January 4 at 7:00 p.m.
The show runs February 12-14.

Please prepare 16 bars of a song that demonstrates your ability to communicate a character.
Bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided.
The music director would prefer that your selection NOT be from Sweeney Todd.

Your primary audition should take no more than a few minutes, but you may be asked to stay and work with a group. Be prepared to stay for an hour.

To secure an audition appointment, please fill out an Audition Form.  Once you have submitted it, you should hear back from our producer, Liz Tracey, via email.
If you don’t hear anything within 24 hours of submitting your form, email her at
Walk-ins are accepted at auditions, but scheduled auditions will take priority.

“One of the darkest musicals ever written, Sweeney Todd is the unsettling tale of a Victorian-era barber who returns home to London after fifteen years of exile to take revenge on the corrupt judge who ruined his life. When revenge eludes him, Sweeney swears vengeance on the entire human race, murdering as many people as he can, while his business associate Mrs. Lovett bakes the bodies into meat pies and sells them to the unsuspecting public. Perhaps composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim’s most perfect score, Sweeney Todd is lush, operatic, and full of soaring beauty, pitch-black comedy and stunning terror. It’s one of the signal achievements of the American musical theater of the last fifty years, and it’s the high water mark of Sondheim’s six remarkable collaborations with director Harold Prince.”


Director’s Approach:

Sweeney Todd is about hypocrisy, that is, how we judge others differently than we judge ourselves. Is Anthony’s desire to posses Johanna any different than Judge Turpin’s? Is Mrs. Lovett’s enslavement of Tobias any different than Pirelli’s? Do not Turpin and Sweeney deal ruthless judgment? This beautifully constructed play highlights how we imagine ourselves righteous while quickly identifying the cruelty of others. It is beautiful in its biting truth.

A concert version of Sweeney Todd offers several amazing and rare artistic opportunities for those involved. While the fad in recent productions has been to strip this play down to a small musical ensemble and minimal chorus, our production will feature a full orchestra and as many as 40 choral singers. As the focus of a concert is on the music and the text, we will produce the full script and score with no cuts or omissions. Rather than focusing on spectacle, we will focus on bringing these amazing lyrics and music to life.


We will be looking for exceptional actor-singers whose skills match each role regardless of age or physical type.

Todd – A wrongfully imprisoned barber who returns to London unsure of the fate his wife and daughter. When he realizes that his family is irreparable, he decides to take revenge on everyone in the city. When Mrs. Lovett suggests that they grind the bodies of his victims for her meat pies, he takes delight in the irony of “man devouring man.” Range: F2 – Gb4

Mrs. Lovett – The poor and lonely owner of a pie shop. Desperate for love and a better life, she is willing to overlook Todd’s homicidal mania if he will only marry her. She withholds the truth about the fate of Todd’s wife. Range: G3 – E5

Tobias – A poor youngster apprenticed to Pirelli. He believes he has found a surrogate family in Todd and Lovett, until he discovers the horrible truth. Range: Bb2 – Ab4

Anthony – A naive and youthful sailor returning to London. He helps Todd return to London and unexpectedly falls in love with Johanna. Range: Bb2 – F4

Johanna – Todd’s daughter who has spent her young life caged in the care of Judge Turpin. She yearns for freedom. Range: Bb3 – A5

Judge Turpin – Portrays himself as a righteous and upstanding public official, but secretly uses his power to control and abuse the less fortunate. He lusts after Johanna and plans to marry her, though he is many years her senior. Range: E2 – Gb4

Beadle – A pompous public official. He is deeply loyal to the corrupt Turpin. Range: D3 – D5

Pirelli – Todd’s first victim, a flamboyant Italian rival barber; a charlatan with a secret past. Range: B2 – C5

Beggar Woman – Dirty, abused and forced into prostitution, she has a tenuous hold on reality. She is the first to notice the growing circle of death around Todd. After her death, Todd recognizes her as his lost wife. Range: Ab3 – F5

Chorus – as many as 40 performers of all ages and voice types. MANY solos and cameo roles.

Audition Process

Each actor should prepare 16 bars of a song of their choosing. Please sing anything that you feel showcases your voice and performance skills.

Each actor who wants to be considered for one of the named roles above will also be asked to sing one of following cuttings from the Sweeney Todd score. Each actor may choose the cutting that they prefer.

A – Todd
B- Lovett
C – Johanna
D – Anthony
E – Pirelli
F – Beadle
G – Tobias
H – Judge

If callbacks are required, these additional cuttings will be used.

I – Todd and Lovett
J – Johanna and Anthony
K – Todd and Judge
L – Tobias
M – Beggar Woman

Auditions for Oliver!

Our holiday show this year will be Oliver!, the beloved musical based on Charles Dickens’ novel, Oliver Twist.  There is a character breakdown below of principal roles, but Director Elizabeth Tracey is also looking for performers of all ages to fill out a large ensemble, including young orphans, young thieves and cutpurses, and Londoners of all ages.  Please note that Ms. Tracey will consider gender-blind casting.

Auditions for Oliver! will be held Saturday, September 19 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and
Sunday, September 20 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM at The Community of Christ Church,
2121 S Ridge Road, Coralville.

Please prepare 16 bars of a song that demonstrates your ability to communicate a character. Bring sheet music in the correct key and an accompanist will be provided. Songs from the musical are welcome and a British accent is encouraged but not necessary for the audition.

Callbacks, if necessary, will be held Sunday September 27 starting at 7:00 PM.

Rehearsals will begin Monday, October 5 at 7:00 PM.
The show runs December 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 Friday and Saturdays 7:30 PM and
Sundays 2:00 PM.

Audition walk-ups are welcome but priority will be given to those who fill out an audition form and schedule an appointment. If you do not hear back from Liz Tracey within 24 hours after submitting your form, you can contact her at

Oliver! Character Breakdown

Oliver Twist – A sweet, innocent orphan boy who manages to be a trusting romantic though he has dealt with many hardships in his young life. Soprano.

Fagin – Conniving career criminal, who takes in homeless boys and teaches them to pick pockets for him. Male. Baritone.

The Artful Dodger– troubled youth; the cleverest of Fagin’s pickpockets, he introduces Fagin to Oliver. Tenor.

Nancy – Bill Sikes’ lover. A cockney girl with a warm heart who takes a liking to Oliver and treats him like her own child, but is eventually murdered for the steps she takes on his behalf. Female. Alto.

Bill Sikes – Nancy’s brutal and abusive lover, a burglar and her eventual murderer. Baritone.

Mr. Bumble – pompous man who runs the workhouse in which Oliver was born. Tenor.

Widow Corney – domineering workhouse mistress where Oliver was born, later marries Mr. Bumble. Soprano.

Mr. Brownlow – Oliver’s grandfather, a kind man of wealth and breeding. Character part.

Mr. Sowerberry – the insensitive man who takes in Oliver and uses him in his funeral business. Baritone.

Mrs. Sowerberry – Mr. Sowerberry’s wife. Soprano.

Charlotte Sowerberry – the rude but flirtatious daughter of the Sowerberrys. Character part.

Mrs. Bedwin – housekeeper of Mr. Brownlow and caretaker of Oliver. Soprano.

Noah Claypole – the Sowerberrys’ apprentice, he bullies Oliver and has a flirtatious relationship with Charlotte. Character part.

Dr. Grimwig – foppish doctor and friend of Mr. Brownlow. Character part.

Charley Bates – one of Fagin’s pickpockets. He is Dodger’s sidekick.

Bet – one of Fagin’s pick pockets. Alto.

Old Sally – Mrs. Thingummy; an old woman pauper who acts as nurse during Oliver’s delivery. Character part.

Auditions for William Shakespeare’s Land of The Dead

Join us for the first show of our British Invasion season: a play in which the British of Queen Elizabeth’s era are invaded by a plague of the undead.  Patrick DuLaney will direct.  Auditions will be held on August 10 and 11, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Coralville Library (Schwab Auditorium).  If callbacks are needed, they will be held on August 12, same time and place.

The play tells the tale of a zombie plague in Elizabethan London, just as Shakespeare is premiering his play, Henry V, at the newly constructed Globe Theatre, which is the only building strong enough to keep out The Afflicted. Yes, it is a mash-up of Shakespeare and zombies, and it has humor, but is played very straight.

The entire script is online here.

The show goes up October 16-18, which includes a Friday matinee for students.  Please let us know on your audition sheet if you cannot be available on the afternoon of October 16 for the Friday matinee.

To audition, fill out an Audition Form.  Once it has been submitted, our producer will let you know your audition time.  Actors may walk in and audition without an appointment, but scheduled auditions will take priority.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  If you wish to prepare a monologue, you may. Optional monologues should be no more than 1-2 minutes in length, and show ability with language. English dialect (standard RP or Cockney) is preferred, but not necessary.

Cast Breakdown

William Shakespeare (30’s) – At the peak of his talent. A superstar. Smart, sensitive, funny, brooding, sullen. Think Hamlet.

Richard Burbage (30’s-40’s ) — Shakespeare’s leading actor. Plays kings. A born leader. Warm, generous, courageous, simple.

Will Kemp (30’s – 40’s)- A clown. Shakespeare’s foil. Clever, funny, the center of every room, larger than life, vain, insecure.

Kate: (Age open) – The attiring woman. Earthy, honest, practical, been around. The sometime concubine and muse of Shakespeare – and others.

Francis Bacon (30’s-50’s) – A lawyer and nobleman. Clever, self-possessed, calculating, dangerous, but a sycophant. Excellent swordsman.

Queen Elizabeth – (50’s-70’s) – Ruler absolute. The smartest person in the play. Shrewd, funny, does not suffer fools. Very much in the vein of Judi Dench in Shakespeare in Love.

John Rice – (teens-20’s) – A young actor, apprentice to the players, smart, sensitive, curious, heroic. Will spend the play dressed as the French Princess from Henry V, in keeping with historical accuracy.

Sir Robert Cecil (30’s-50’s) – Elizabeth’s right-hand man. A killer. Humorless, smart, calculating. The best swordsman on stage.

Doctor John Dee (40’s – 70’s) – Elizabeth’s astrologer and mathematician. Brilliant, eccentric, borders on manic at times.

Soldier #1 (teens-20’s) – Very green. Young, inexperienced, brave, earnest.

Soldier #2 (20’s-40’s) – Experienced, grim, ruthless. A good fighter.

Additional players/soldiers as needed.

Please note:

  • The director will consider gender-blind casting of any/all roles.

A NOTE ON ZOMBIES (or The Afflicted, as noted in the script)

We will be casting two specific groups. The first will be a core group of actors known as ACTION ZOMBIES – These roles will be the featured undead, will do the bulk of the stage combat and get the great deaths. Make no mistake, these are who the audience came to see. The second group will be known as WARM BODIES – this group will require far less rehearsal, and be in the largest group zombie sections at the end of the play. All zombies will receive training in stage makeup, and will have the opportunity to participate in movement workshops as part of the rehearsal process.  Please let us know on your audition form if you are willing to play a zombie. If you have a preference between the two, please state that as well.

Auditions for Teen Show

This summer’s Teen Show will be The Addams Family.  It’s a musical comedy based on the cartoons by Charles Addams, which depict an eccentric New York family with a taste for the macabre.

Auditions will be March 28 & 29, from 2:00pm-6:00pm at the Community of Christ Church in Coralville.
Rehearsals will begin on or around April 13.
The show runs June 19-22.

Patrick DuLaney will direct, assisted by Robyn Calhoun.

The Teen Show is open to performers who are currently in 7th-12th grade.
To schedule an audition, fill out an Audition Form online.  Walk-ins are welcome, but scheduled auditions will always take priority.

Please come prepared with 32 bars of a contemporary song from musical theater, and a short contemporary monologue.
Both should be memorized.  Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key.

Note: We want to make this a Teen Show in every sense, so let us know if you or anyone you know might be interested in working on sets, costumes, makeup, props, lighting, sound, stage management or any other aspect of production!  Either state your interest on your Audition Form, or send an email to our Producer, Liz Tracey:


Auditions for Into The Woods

Into The Woods is Stephen Sondheim’s beloved musical about what happens after “happily ever after.”  Our production will open on April 24 at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, and it will run through Sunday, May 3.  Chris Okiishi is directing.

Auditions will take place on Saturday, January 31 and Sunday, February 1 from 2:00pm until 6:00pm at The Community of Christ Church in Coralville.  To secure an audition appointment, please fill out an Audition Form.
Walk-ins are welcome, but will defer to those with appointments.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are having trouble with our server, and some forms are not transmitting.  If you do not hear back from our producer, Liz Tracey, within a day of submitting your form, please email her directly at  If you’ve already submitted an Audition Form and have yet to hear back, email her as soon as you can.  We don’t want to miss any auditions!!

Please bring sheet music in the correct key for a one minute section of a song that allows the actor to show the ability to communicate a character. No monologue will be necessary to prepare in advance.

All ages 12 and above are welcome. Casting will be age appropriate.

The mysterious man and narrator will not be double cast. The wolf and prince will be double cast. The cow will be cast with a human actor.

There are also roles for up to five ensemble people who will double as stage crew and various characters.

AUDITIONS for Black Comedy and The Real Inspector Hound

Our February play will be one evening that includes two one-act farces: Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer, directed by Elizabeth Tracey and The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard, directed by Krista Neumann.
The shows will be performed Feb 13 & 14 at 7:30pm and Feb 15 at 2:00pm at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts.
Rehearsals will start Jan 5, and will [usually] be Sun-Thurs evenings from 7:00pm-10:00pm.

Auditions will take place on Mon, Dec 15 and Tue, Dec 16 from 6:00-8:00pm at the Coralville Library.
Actors will be asked to read from the script – there is no need to prepare a monologue.
To secure an audition time, please fill out an Audition Form.  Walk-ins are welcome, but scheduled auditions will take priority.

Please note: If you’d like to audition, but cannot make these times, an alternate time can easily be set up.
Fill out an Audition Form, and you’ll be contacted to schedule an audition.

Both scripts are available online for perusal: Black Comedy  and The Real Inspector Hound

Below are character breakdowns for both plays.


BRINDSLEY MILLER: A young sculptor (mid-twenties), intelligent and attractive, but nervous and uncertain of himself.

CAROL MELKETT: His fancée. A young debutante; very pretty, very spoiled; very silly. Her sound is that unmistakable, terrifying deb quack.

MISS FURNIVAL: A middle-aged lady. Prissy and refined. Clad in the blouse and sack skirt of her gentility, her hair in a bun, her voice in a bun, she reveals only the repressed gestures of the middle-class spinster – until alcohol undoes her.

COLONEL MELKETT: CAROL’s commanding father. Brisk, barky, yet given to sudden vocal calms which suggest a deep and alarming instability. It is not only the constant darkness which gives him his look of wide-eyed suspicion.

HAROLD GORRINGE: The bachelor owner of an antique-china shop, and BRINDSLEY’s neighbour, HAROLD comes from the North of England. His friendship is highly conditional and possessive: sooner or later, payment for it will be asked. A specalist in emotionial blackmail, he can become hysterical when slighted, or (as inevitably happens) rejected. He is older than BRINDSLEY by several years.

SCHUPPANZIGH: A German refugee, chubby, cultivated, and effervescent. He is an entirely happy man, delighted to be in England, even if this means being employed full time by the London Electricity Board.

CLEA: BRINDSLEY’s ex-mistress. Mid-twenties; dazzling, emotional, bright and mischievous. The challenge to her to create a dramatic situation out of the darkness is ultimately irresistible.

GEORG BAMBERGER: An elderly millionaire art collector, easily identifiable as such. Like the Electrician, he is a German.



Moon – a second-string theatre critic, called to the production to review it in the absence of Higgs, another critic. Moon’s jealousy of Higgs’ superior reputation seems to make him question his own purpose, with Moon’s ultimate thoughts being of Higgs’ death.

Birdboot – a theatre critic and a womaniser, who catapults young actresses to stardom by delivering dazzling reviews in return, we assume, for sexual favours. While married to Myrtle, he is having an affair with the actress who plays Felicity in the play within the play.

Higgs – the senior critic, Moon is his stand-in.

Puckeridge – the third-string theatre critic, or Moon’s stand-in. In early versions of the play, this character was called “McCafferty”.

Play-within-a-play characters
Mrs Drudge – The maid, or char, of Muldoon Manor. One of Stoppard’s primary vehicles for emphasising the satirical character of the story. Her cockney accent adds to the humour of Stoppard’s play.

Simon Gascoyne – New to the neighbourhood, Simon has had affairs with both Felicity and Cynthia. He takes an instant dislike to Magnus, as they are both in love with Cynthia. Later in the play, Birdboot assumes the role of Simon Gascoyne, and vice versa.

Felicity Cunningham – A beautiful, innocent, young friend of Cynthia’s who has had an affair with Simon and Birdboot. She is seemingly sweet and charming, but soon seeks ruthless revenge.

Cynthia Muldoon – Apparent widow of Lord Albert Muldoon who disappeared ten years ago. She claims to be very upset about her husband’s disappearance, but the audience is led to think otherwise. Sophisticated and beautiful. She has had an affair with Simon.

Major Magnus Muldoon – Lord Albert Muldoon’s crippled half-brother who just arrived from Canada. Has a desire for his late brother’s widow, Cynthia. Takes an instant dislike to Simon, as they are both in love with Cynthia.

Inspector Hound – Appears from outside the house in the middle of the play to investigate an alleged phone call. Moon assumes this role near the end of the play, and vice versa.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions!

Auditions for A Year with Frog & Toad

Auditions for the heartwarming family musical, A Year with Frog & Toad, will be held on Saturday, September 27 at the Coralville Recreation Center.
Initial auditions will be from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and callbacks will be 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Please prepare 32 bars of a song that showcases your range. You may be asked to read from the script.
To gauge the musical style of this show, check out this clip.

Fill out an Audition Form for an appointment.
Walk-ins are welcome, but scheduled appointments will take priority.

See the production page for more information.

Auditions for New Play Festival

City Circle is seeking actors to perform in our New Play Festival, which will be performed on Saturday, Sep 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts.

Auditions will take place on Saturday, Aug 16 from 10:00-11:00 a.m.  and from 3:00-4:00 p.m.  Auditions will consist of cold-readings from the new plays, so there’s no need to prepare anything. Please fill out an online Audition Form if you’d like to audition.

The festival consists of eight new plays:

Boy In A Cage by Catherine Shook
An allegory of what can happen when a man’s sexuality is suppressed.
BOY: a slim, feminine boy between the ages of 13 and 18. He is a loving and honest figure–sometimes honest in a searing way.
MAN: a burly man between the ages of 25 and 35. He is aggressive and fearful.

Hot In The Kitchen by Chris Okiishi
A radio cooking show staring high-energy, mildly naughty hosts Phil and Phyllis.
PHIL and PHYLLIS. Middle- aged couple, fun, engaging, constantly laughing,broken relationship underneath the humor

Lovely Wonderful Thoughts by Elizabeth Breed
What if Peter Pan came to a modern-day Darling family?
PETER PAN – the boy who never grows up, 15 (played by actor 15-25)
WENDY DARLING – a typical teenage girl, 15 (played by actor 15-25)
JONNY DARLING – her younger brother, a video-gamer, 13 (played by actor 15-25)
MIKE DARLING – her youngest brother, who had an impossible growth spurt, 7 (looks 25)
MARY DARLING – their mother, 30s-40s
GEORGE DARLING – their father 30s-50s

On the Possibilities of Endings by Jennifer Fawcett
A thoughtful look at the moment before leaving this world.
MAN … older, in his 60’s or 70’s (not essential for casting). Speaks a little louder than normal.
WOMAN… younger, in her 30’s or 40’s

Shoving It In The Alleyway by Elijah Jones
A comedic look at a drug deal gone wrong.
TONY – the boss, ‘got that look that could kill’
JERRY – dim-witted lackey

The Concentrated Masses by Duane Larson
A farcical look at corporate America
LINDERSON: The boss. Oldest and most intimidating of the group.
OLD ANDERSON: Next oldest, a long-time colleague of Linderson.
GUNDERSON and HENDERSON: Younger and more immature than the others.
NEW ANDERSON: Either the youngest or the same age-range as Gunderson and Henderson.

They Grow Up So Fast by Duane Larson
A father’s hilarious attempt at sending his son out into the world.
JOHN: husband and parent, 40’s- 60’s
MARION: wife and parent, 40’s- 60’s
BILLY: son, a six-year-old in a twenty-something body

Wednesday Night Witness by Amy White
Two boys’ disturbing conversation in the library.
Characters :
JAKE, a fourteen-year-old eighth grade boy. Hyper-aggressive, looking for trouble
BRODY, a ten-year-old fifth grade boy. Imaginative, sings in a church choir