Auditions for A Christmas Carol Announced

Director Elizabeth Tracy invites actors to audition for A Christmas Carol
Monday, September 19 and Wednesday, September 21 from 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Coralville Library (Downstairs Conference Rooms)
Contact to schedule an audition or to ask questions.

Actors are asked to prepare a short 1- 2 minute monologue or read from scripts provided at the audition.

The production will begin rehearsals September 26, 2011.
Performances will be at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, December 9 -18, 2011


  • EBENEZER SCROOGE…a hard-hearted, tight-fisted man of commerce who transforms
    into a large-hearted, generous and compassionate man. There is underlying comedy in Dicken’s writing of Scrooge. His wit is dry and sarcastic in nature.
  • JACOB MARLEY…Scrooge’s business partner who died on Christmas eve 7 years prior
    to the beginning of the story. Appears as ghost to warn Scrooge against living only for profit. Decrepit, older man, who exhibits the strains of living in purgatory.
  • BOB CRATCHIT…Scrooge’s middle-aged overworked and underpaid clerk, who nonetheless finds great joy in life, especially in the love of his large family. He is most likely skinny (due to a lack of food), with a childlike innocence and sense of fun.
  • FRED…Scrooge’s nephew (the son of his deceased sister Fran) who like Bob, maintains a child-like enjoyment of life and family. A generous attitude towards his miserly uncle. He is of a higher economic status than Bob, yet shows sympathy and kindness towards him.
  • FORREST…a charitable citizen, trying to raise money for the poor. Described as “lean and deaf as a post”. Comedic possibilities, will consider man or woman for the part.
  • BLAKELY…Forrest’s comedic side-kick. As round as Forrest is lean. Again, could be cast as man or woman.
  • MRS.GRIMSBY…Scrooge’s house servant. Older woman with nothing to smile abou working for Scrooge. Living with low wages, in a depressingly cheap, under-lit and under-heated house.
  • YOUNG EBENEZER…around 10yrs. old. Sad and lonely boy.
  • SCHOOLBOYS BILLY, THOMAS, JEREMIAH…Classmates of Ebenezer, youthful, ages flexible.
  • FAN…Ebenezer’s sister. “A delicate creature, possessing a generous spirit”, about 10-12 yrs. old. Dies a young woman, with one child, Fred.
  • EBENEZER…a young man of 20. Socially inept and insecure due to his father’s neglect and abandonment. He was not raised in a strong family environment but rather sent away to boarding school. Starts working full-time at 14 years of age. Fear of ending up in the poor house leads him to be obsessive about making money and insensitive to others.
  • BELLE…beautiful young woman, open and kind-hearted. A governess. Ebenezer immediately falls for her.
  • WILLIAM…Belle’s charge, no specific age. Energetic.
  • ANNA…William’s sister. Again, age is flexible.
  • DICK WILKINS…Ebenezer’s co-worker, around 20 yrs. old. Energetic and happy nature.
  • FEZZIWIG…Young Ebenezer’s first employer. A generous man to his employees, who exemplifies the joy of Christmas spirit. Jovial and round. Lives life to excess…laughter, love, food, music.
  • MRS. FEZZIWIG…”beautiful and bountiful” wife of Fezziwig. Doting wife and mother of two daughters. Also extremely jovial and round.
  • PETUNIA…eligible young daughter of Fezziwigs. Potentially comic character.
  • MARIGOLD…another eligible young daughter of Fezziwigs.
  • BASIL and MARJORAM…Fezziwig’s little children. Indeterminate ages, boy and girl.
  • COOK…brings on food for Fezziwig’s party.
  • YOUNG MARLEY…ambitious, eager to make money, even on Christmas eve. A man who doesn’t let “sentiment” get in the way of business. Fezziwig thinks he has no heart at all.
  • FIRST MAN AND SECOND MAN… Two men arguing before being touched by Ghost of Christmas Present
  • MRS. CRATCHIT… Bob Cratchit’s wife, a middle-aged woman, worn thin but full of love and concern for her family.
  • BELINDA CRATCHIT…Bob Cratchit’s daughter and mother’s little helper.
  • MARTHA CRATCHIT….daughter lives with family and works 14 hour days making hats.
  • PETER CRATCHIT…son who “has grown as tall as Martha”, probably a young teen.
  • TOM CRATCHIT…shorter than Peter but old enough to pester his brother.
  • TINY TIM… youngest of the CRATCHIT clan and walks with a crutch. Small enough to be carried by his brothers.
  • MRS. FRED…Fred’s cheerful, young wife who is “quite pregnant”.
  • TOPPER…a gentleman friend of Fred. Upper class, single.
  • DOROTHEA…Mrs Fred’s sister and the object of Topper’s affection
  • SOPHIA… Mrs. Fred’s other sister, “the quiet one”.
  • CECIL…companion of Fred. Upper class.
  • EDWARDS…another friend of Fred. Enjoys socializing with friends. His age is undetermined.
  • 4 MEN OF BUSINESS…Snarkers, Grasper, Krookings and Squeeze As the names that Dicken’s bestows on these men implies; vulture types, ready to turn a profit.
  • JOE…proprietor of a “Rag and Bones” shop. A grimy rascal.
  • MRS. DILBER…a laundress, “whose little ones never get enough to eat” .
  • UNDERTAKER…makes money off Scrooge’s meager possessions.
  • SIMON…a ragged boy who runs an errand for Scrooge.
  • POULTERER…presents Scrooge with a prize size bird.
  • THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST…personification of memory. In order for Scrooge to grow as a human being, he must learn from the past. The light that shines from this Ghost’s head symbolizes the “illumination”which can come from reflecting on one’s past. He calls himself a “gadfly” which is a person who provokes others into action by criticism. Like a horsefly that bites livestock, he or she, is sprite, enthusiastic about his or her job, and quite annoying to Scrooge.
  • THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT…personification of generosity. His appearance is large, bedecked with an abundance of fruits, vegetables and sweets. He is Like our jolly old St. Nick, generous in spirit as well as material things.
  • THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE…a personification of death. The Grim Reaper, austere, and frightening in his silence. His face, masked in the shadows of darkness, reminds Scrooge that time waits for no one. He does not converse, he only points to the obvious end, the grave.
  • NARRATOR…narration will be divided amongst cast.