Addams Family Update

Mort&Gom poster 2 fixedOur teen musical this summer is The Addams Family.
The cast and production team are working hard at rehearsals, and the show is going to be great!

We have added a special Opening Day Kids’ Matinee on Friday, June 19 at 1:00 p.m.
That means you can be among the first people to see it!
Some area day camps will be bringing groups of kids to the show, but it’s open to the public as well.
Special pricing for the Kids’ Matinee is $5 for children and students and $15 for adults and seniors.
Tickets for this special performance are on sale now.

There will be two opportunities to see a sneak preview:
First, the cast will be performing at the halftime show at the Old Cap City Roller Derby
on Saturday, May 23.  The bout starts at 7:00 at the Marriott Convention Center.
Second, the cast will be performing on the new “Street Stage” at
Downtown Iowa City’s ArtsFest on Saturday, June 6.
Performers from our upcoming Rising Star Cabaret will start at 3:00pm, and the cast of The Addams Family will close the show.

Please note that there are two casts of The Addams Family.  Each cast will perform twice.
When we switch, the principals become part of the “Addams Ancestors” ensemble.  The casts are as follows:

Special Friday Matinee & Saturday evening show:
Sage Spiker, Grace Huber, Maia DeGrazia, Dylan Davenport, Cassidy Slater-Scott and Austin Wicke play the Addamses.
Kaitlin Hatcher, Raiden Takeuchi and Zack Kenyon play the Beinekes.

Friday evening show and Sunday matinee:
Nick Mendoza, Addie Bass, Genevieve Wisdom, Elias “Bubba” Perez, Jilly Cooke and Freddie Ogilvie play the Addamses.
Amy Evans, David Daugherty and Matt Harper play the Beinekes.

Micah Otterbein always plays Lurch.  Thomazin Jury always plays Thing.
Jackson Brus always plays Cousin It.
And Quincy Coghill-Behrends, Ellis Fontana, Claire Green, Paige Harken, Emily Hill, Chad Keitel, Nysio Poulakis, Sasha Tyler and Shelby Zukin always play the [dear, departed] ancestors of The Addams Family.

The Addams Family runs for one weekend only!  Get your tickets now!