A Christmas Cabaret Cast List

Thank you for the tremendous response to our call for performers for A Christmas Cabaret. There were so many impressive video audition submissions and unfortunately we are locked into a 90 minute show or we would have cast many more performers. City Circle Theatre Company is so grateful to part of such a talented community.

Congratulations to the following cast membersĀ  of A Christmas Cabaret!

Nate Boehm
Aaron Brewer
Greg Brown
Ava Challenger
Ben Chapman
Katie Colletta
Keegan Christopher Colletta
Kristen DeGrazia
Rebecca Fields-Moffitt
Katey Halverson
Marcia Hughes
Scot Hughes
Jacob Kilburg
Emma Lai
Matthew Lamb
Beau Leavenworth
Claire Reimer
Luke Reimer
Kent Reynolds
Shea Sanders
Hannah Spina
Delaine Tyler
Sasha Tyler